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2016 How Many IOPS Do You Really Need?


2017 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report



2015 Emerging Non-Volatile Memory & Spin Logic Technology and Manufacturing Report


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2015 Self-Encrypting Drive Market and Technology Report


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Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics: The Essential Guide, 2nd Edition




Survey Summary for Storage in Professional Media and Entertainment (2016)

In February through June of 2016, Coughlin Associates, Inc. conducted a survey of professional media and entertainment professionals on various digital storage topics. Here’s a summary of the results.

Storage With Intese Network Growth (SWING)

The 2015 Storage Visions theme was “Storage With Intense Network Growth” and we had a variety of sessions exploring growth drivers and opportunities

Beyond the Data Event Horizon

An exploration of touch rate and response time.

Chinese Flash Forum Presentation

The Future of Solid State Storage.

A Moore's Law for Mobile Power?

With more energy in mobile devices, we can do more with them during the course of the day.

Data Storage and Personal Entertainment

Digital storage technology is developing providing more storage at a lower price and higher performance while personal entertainment devices need more storage capacity and higher resolution content requirements.

Touching the Heart of Storage

A new metric comparing touch rate and response time can be used to characterize storage devices and in system design.

Archiving and Flash Memory

Flash memory is finding a role for caching content to be written or read from archive media. Could flash memory fill a useful tier for an active archive?

Ampex Video Tape Recorder Milestone Ceremony

The history and background of the first practical video tape recorder.

Whitepapers and More

Touch Rate White Paper (2015)
Touch Rate Excel File (email Steve Hetzler at for a free copy)
Aligning with the Future of Storage–4K Sector Misalignment (2011)
Angels in our Midst: Associative Metadata in Cloud Storage (2010)
Flash and HDD: Symbiosis or Survival of the Fittest? (2009)
eSATA: A New Storage Paradigm (2007)
Archiving in the Entertainment and Professional Media Market (2008)
Survey of Storage in Media and Entertainment (2014)
Ultra HD Storage Innovations and Trends for Professional M&E Industry (2014)
Memories of the Future (2014)
Why Hybrid Storage Gives the Best Bang for the Buck (2014)
Survey of Storage in Media and Entertainment (2013)
Meeting Exa-Scale Archive Requirements in the Digital Age of Media and Entertainment (2013)
The New Archive Workflow (with Crossroads Systems, 2013)
Full Motion Video White Paper (with NetApp, 2012)
Storage Trends–from SV 2012 (2012)
Collaborative Workflows Benefit from Cloud Storage (2011)
Invest in New Technologies or Divest in Market Share (2010)
Reliability and Recovery:  How can we make better Storage Devices? (2010)
Why Choose Different Storage Devices–The Future of Storage Tiers (2010)
A Novel Taxonomy for Consumer Metadata (ICCE 2010)
SV 2010, Showstoppers, CES and ICCE Storage Recap (2010)
Data Storage for Professional Media and Entertainment (2009)
Storage, as if your life depended upon it… (2009)
Storage Highlights of 2009 SV09, CES and ICCE Conferences (2009)
History of Flash Memory, 1988-1997 (2008)
History of Flash Memory, 1998-2008 (2008)
Methusaleh Remembers (2008, after a talk to a Library of Congress group)
Storing Your Life (2008 Distinguished Lecture for IEEE CE Society)
Highlights of 2008 CES and ICCE Conference (2008)
Home and Small Business Data Protection (2007)
Tom Coughlin’s PhD Thesis (2007)
The Perfect Storm (2007)
Is there Room for Everyone? (2007)
Data Sanitization Tutorial (2006)
PMR and Other New Technologies Drive Capital Spending (2006)
A Terabyte in Your Pocket, A Petabyte in Your Home (2006)
What Storage Security will Users Tolerate? (2006)
Storage@Home (2006)
Oh Data, Where are Thou? (2006)
Putting Portable Storage in Perspective (2005)
Disk Drive Contamination and Defect Sensitivity Trends (2005)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (2005)
Born to Be Wild (2005)
The Content of Storage (2005)
Data Storage In the Worst of Times (2004)
Disks Shine Bright for Backup Applications (2004)
NEMI Mass Storage Roadmap Executive Summary and Introduction (2004)
Brief n Disk Drive Integration into Consumer Electronics (2004)
The Road to 2 Billion Drives (2004)
Storage Tutorial for Content Creation and Distribution (2004)
A Drive for All Seasons (2004)
Looking for Storage In All the Small Places (2004)
More Ways to Play (2003)
Rumors of my Erasure are Premature (2003)
Adoption of Blades Drives New Requirements for Storage (2003)
A Modest Proposal (2003)
Current Trends in Data Storage Backup and Restoration (2003)
Data Storage for the Digital Content Value Chain (2003)
Secure Erase of Disk Drive Data (2002)
Matching Data Storage to Consumer Applications (2002)
Reflections on Imaging (2002)
Entertainment Storage Market (2002)
Data Storage Trends and Directions (2001)
Reflections on a Aberrant Mirror (2001)
Figures for High Density Hard Disk Drive Trends in the USA (2000)
High Density Hard Disk Drive Trends in the USA (2000)
New Markets for Data Storage Products (2000)