Self-Encrypting Drive Market and Technology Report (2015)


Learn about the trends in self-encrypting hard disk drives and solid state drives in this updated comprehensive report. This report goes over the history of self-encrypted storage devices, distinguishes between self-encrypted drive security adoption and capability adoption and makes projections for the growth of both for both hard disk and flash memory based self-encrypted solid state drives for both client and enterprise applications.

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The major conclusions from this report are:

  • By 2017 we project that 100% of all HDDs shipped will be SED capable driven by implementation of this capability into commercial HDD controllers.
  • By 2018 about 11% of all HDDs shipping units will shift to SED enabled or promoted products, driven by security adoption demand.
  • By 2018 the high, median and low estimates for SED enabled adoption for SED HDDs are 85 M, 70 M and 54 M units.
  • By 2014 almost all SSDs were SED capable and by 2015 they all have this capability.
  • Although actual SSD SED feature implementation in 2018 is 100% in about 236 M SSDs, the projected actual SSDs from that year intended for security and data protection purposes is estimated at less than 24 M units.


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