How Many IOPs Do You Really Need? (2016)


This report details the results of a months-long storage performance survey performed by Coughlin Associates and Objective Analysis through the first half of 2016 compared to earlier responses to the same set of survey questions in 2012.

The survey asked over two hundred sixty respondents to share their high-speed storage capacity and performance needs, IOPS, and maximum latency, along with the speed of the rest of their system and for the application type being run on that system.

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Do you really need the performance of an SSD? How much should a performance SSD cost? What have other IT managers found to be the right balance of performance and cost? Many find it difficult to determine which SSD or flash array to buy or even whether they can get the speed they need from standard HDDs.

Modern storage systems offer a dizzying rage of IOPS (from hundreds to millions), latencies, and capacities. This report probes these questions to yield considerable insight into these issues. By surveying over 180 IT managers and end users, Coughlin Associates and Objective Analysis have gained a deep understanding of the performance, capacity, and cost requirements of various applications including IOPS and latency, all of which are all spelled out graphically in this thorough report.

The results of this ongoing survey are revealing. Some applications have more rigid requirements than others, with needs varying according to the type of application. Since the survey is ongoing, this report will be updated in the future.


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