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Data Storage Consulting

"Our memories define our past and enable the accumulation of capability that drives our technological civilization. The major business of our age is to pass accumulated experiences, beliefs, and observations to future generations. Data storage is how we will pass on this legacy. The future is storage-centric, stored data is the heart of a modern network."

Some Storage Trends:

      Storage in "cloud storage" is playing an increasing role in enabling collaborative workflows.

       Within 10 years we may see digital movie projects generating close to an exabyte of raw content.

       Over 99 Exabytes of digital storage will be used for digital archiving and content conversion and preservation by 2018

      By 2015 personal content will greatly exceed commercial content and sharing of this content will multiple enormously total storage requirements

Digital storage demand is extremely elastic, it cannot be saturated and is bounded only by budget and management capacity.

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We have the complete set of Peripheral Research hard disk drives, heads, media and other components market and technology reports from 1988 through 2004.  We also have an extensive historical library of Peripheral Research and other important Storage Reports and Newsletters concerning Solid State Drives, Tape, RAID Systems and other topics.  Please call 408-978-8184 for information on these reports.

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