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Eclectic Engineering

Many of us have been educated in traditional engineering studies, learning to solve complex problems in a limited field and hopefully learning how to learn about and solve issues in other fields in the course of doing this.

Motivation is More Important than Knowledge

On Sunday March 19 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View the IEEE Engineering Milestone for “The Mother of All Demos” was unveiled.

Being a Member

Why should you be a member of the IEEE and what can the IEEE do to provide more value to you?

Region 6 Directors Blogs (2015-2016)

1% Membership Growth in IEEE Region 6 in 2016

That is our prime imperative this year.

Capturing the Best

Have you ever missed an interesting technical chapter meeting in your IEEE section because you weren’t in town?

How to Find Things In the IEEE

The IEEE is a very large organization with 100’s of employees working for many different operational units. Finding the right person to answer particular inquiries can be hard.

IEEE Corporate Value

How can we increase the value of IEEE membership to Region 6 employers and thus increase their support of IEEE membership?

It's Going to Cost You

At a recent IEEE Board of Directors meeting an increase of the member assessment for Region 6 members was approved.

Let’s Get our Members Back and Recruit New Ones

This year we are looking for volunteers to help us repeat and expand our 1% membership growth plan for Region 6 in 2016.

Local IEEE Public Visibility

On May 20-22, 2016, IEEE Region 6, the Santa Clara Valley Section and the Consultants Network of Silicon Valley had a sponsored exhibit at the San Mateo, California Maker Faire in the Maker to Market exhibition.

Making the Future - Part 1

IEEE Region 6, the Santa Clara Valley Section and the Consultants Network of Silicon Valley (CNSV) are sponsoring a branded IEEE booth at the 2016 Maker Faire May 20-22, 2016 in the Make to Market Pavilion in San Mateo.

Making the Future - Part 2

Like many engineers I was inspired to get into technology partly due to the Science Fiction books I read when I was young.

New Types of IEEE Events

I just returned from the IEEE Panel of Conference Organizers (POCO) Conference to find out about IEEE conference services offered by the IEEE and also to find out tips and hints from the various conference organizers at the event.

No Limits

There are limits to physical resources. There are limits to time and space (regardless of how many universes there are). But to the prepared mind, there are no limits to knowledge and imagination.

Everyone Likes to be Recognized

Everyone likes to be recognized! Recognition by peers can be an important motivator to members and volunteers.

Recognizing Our Members and Chapter Recording

One of the best ways to retain IEEE members is to recognize them for their service to society and the profession.

Thanks for all the Fish

I was going to call this blog “So long, and thanks for all the fish,” referring to Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books, but a funny thing happened at the IEEE meeting series in November.

The Value of Time

Time is the great motivator of action, but time can be the enemy of success.

We Need Everyone!

The 2015 Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference (WIE ILC) was held April 23 to April 25 in San Jose, CA with a special hackathon on Sunday April 26, 2015.

What May Become of Us?

In a recent email chain between members of the Santa Clara Valley Consultants Network (an IEEE Consultants Network) there was an interesting analysis of the decline in total number of electrical engineers and computer hardware engineers in the US over several years.

Region 6 Director Candidate Blogs from 2012

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

This is a piece about employment: work, earning an income, bringing home the bacon (of course it is your choice on whether you will eat that bacon).

Geek is Chic

Let’s talk about education: yours, your family’s and society at large.

I Can Do That

In this article we will look at what members can do to enhance a passive IEEE membership with a more active and participatory membership.


With over 400,000 members worldwide the IEEE is the largest technical organization in the world. The IEEE has three broad divisions of activities: Technical Activities (TA), Members and Geographical Activities (MGA), and a well respected Standards group.

Will Life Be Better for Our Children?

In a previous blog (Geek is Chic) I discussed some general reasons why we need to educate more engineers and why being an engineer is one of the most respected professions to be in. In this piece I will explore who we can use technology to
control the skyrocketing costs of higher education.

What is the ROI for IEEE Membership?

More than ever before we need to look at the Rate of Return (ROI) for an IEEE membership, because our members will be looking at what they get for their money.